Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday...Rudy

Today, I am thankful for Rudy, out littlest Football Puppy foster. Little Rudy had been at the rescue veterinarian for observation for a few days. He had been experiencing some issues that we didn't want to become more serious. As it turns out, thankfully, it was just a cold!

We got Rudy back last night and he is just wonderful! He loves to play with our kitten, Victor. As soon as Rudy got home, in my arms he went and Victor jumped up to play with him!

This is a blog hop...


Susansacre said...

They look like perfect buddies!
I'm so happy he is back with his littermates and his human family!

Cokie the Cat said...

OMC what beautiful pics!!

You beat me to my own hop again, btw. MOL. This week's hop is up now. ; )


The Wag Tales said...

Oops. Didn't mean to beat you to your own just means I love your blog so much I can't wait! :)

Glad you like the pictures!

Bassetmomma said...

Great pictures of sweetness!

Kathy said...

Way to go, Rudy!

Berts Blog said...

we can't wait to learn more about you and your family who take care of foster critters. We have only had a chance to read a few of your back logs but we love you already.

Your newest follower
Bert and My Vickie

Pup Fan said...

Rudy is absolutely adorable!

The Wag Tales said...

Thank you for all of your comments! I love reading every one!

Kathy, that's your boy, Rudy!