Monday, December 12, 2011

The Real Monday Mischief!

I have finally overcome my technical difficulties to bring you today's Monday Mischief!

I love decorating for the holidays and Christmas is my favorite. However, I've forgotten what it's like to decorate with a new kitten around!

Little Victor was into everything! As soon as the tree was up, he was up the tree! There's nothing like turning around to see your new kitten hanging from your Christmas tree! Or perhaps drinking out of the base. Or batting the hanging ornaments. Yup, he did it all!

Let's not leave out our little friend, Dino. He is so mature that I forget he is still a puppy. A puppy who likes to open his (or in this case, my) gifts before Christmas! 

Nice work, Dino. 

The house got decorated...and redecorated by the pets but that's what makes it frustrating fun! I meant "fun"! :) We all participate in the festivity of the holidays!

Happy Monday Mischief! And thank you for having patience with my technical difficulties. I hope it was worth checking back!

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Susansacre said...

OMG! Your blog is hilarious! Gotta give you and your family lots of credit for not giving up and still getting your home decorated for the holidays! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Looks like some super cute mischief was had! :)


Berts Blog said...

It's ok to say "Frustrating" My Vickie says I am "Frustrating " at least five times a week.

But then she always adds "But I love ya" after and I know all is well.

Love your blog. We will be back.


Anonymous said...

Little Victor is so cute. It's been a long time since I've had a kitten around at Christmas time.