Friday, December 23, 2011

A Home for the Holidays

One of the greatest rewards of rescue work is finding a good home for your foster pup. You've seen them go from living hungry on the streets or discarded at a shelter to a home with their own bed, toys, all the food they can eat and most of all a family to love them.

I can't think of a foster dog or puppy I haven't loved. But some fosters just tug at your heart strings more than others. I've been lucky to have many of those. 

There are some that may have been born at your home.

Or some that have come to your home when they weren't in the best of health.

Some that changed your view of big or small dogs...

...Or changed your view of certain breeds...

And then there are some who you've gone through so much with 

and become closer to. They have a special place 

in your heart.

For me, that is 


My little Rudy. He had such a difficult start in his short life. His mom was abandoned on the street with little milk to feed her babies. Two of his siblings did not survive because of that. When he was 5 weeks old, we had a health scare with him and we weren't sure if he would make it. His siblings picked on him because he was the smallest and most frail of his litter. 

Frail. The meaning is "weak and delicate". No, Rudy is not frail. He is strong. He beat all of the odds with his incredible will to live. He may be small, but his spirit is huge!

I honestly thought Rudy would be the last of his litter to be adopted. He wouldn't have a home of his own for the holidays. Until last night, when a mom and her 3 year old son came to meet the football puppies. When we spoke on the phone, she was interested in Peyton, the biggest and fluffiest of the litter. A real looker!

Her little 3 year old son - cherubic in looks and spirit himself - was surrounded by all five of the puppies, fluffy and big. This boy took one look at little Rudy and said, "That one." The mom and son spent a lot of time with the puppies but the little boy kept going back to Rudy. He knew who he wanted. As I watched them interact, I could see Rudy growing as this little boy grew. I can see them playing ball together. I can see Rudy being his confidante when he has secrets to share. I could see him sleeping in the boy's room. This was a perfect match.

Rudy goes home with his new family tonight. The first of his litter to be adopted! This little boy found a best friend. Rudy found a home for the holidays. And a love to last his whole life.

Good job, Rudy, we will always remember all we went through together and be happy for the beautiful life you now have. Strong, sweet, spunky Rudy.


Susansacre said...

The best Christmas story told so far! Thank you dear friend!

Kate said...

Congratulations Rudy! What a lucky little boy. Love you to you and your family!!!

Kathy said...

I love that "my" little man and a 3 year old boy picked each other. That "knowing" is one of the intangible parts of that bond between animals & their humans. It's how i picked our Great Dane puppy from a rowdy litter of pups - the one that picked us just by the look in his eye. Yea, Rudy!