Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quality Time

What I thought was going to be a lot of work has been but it's been more rewarding then laborious. Caring for Zoe has become part of daily life. Part of daily life that we look forward to. We look forward to seeing that little face with big brown eyes whether it be midnight or morning!

Feedings continue to be round the clock but we found she is able to make it longer stretches now. She still comes with me pretty much everywhere. She's become quite the little side kick for me. Got water? Got keys? Got Zoe? I can't leave home without her. Let's just say, we're enjoying lots of quality time.

Zoe really prefers to be on our chests or shoulder and she would be there 24 hours per day if we let her. But there are times she needs to be elsewhere like a crate....or a cup holder. 

We know she is getting stronger because she fights us to the end when we syringe feed her. Who doesn't like to eat? This is a concept I can't even begin to understand! I'm Italian. Meals are an event! Admittedly, she is so cute in fighting us during feedings. When she first started gaining strength, she would turn her head away from us, twist and squirm and when let go, she would run up our chests to take cover on our shoulders! Pretty cute. But what is cuter is the "current" Zoe. She is still not happy about feeding time, but she runs up our bodies to give kisses now!

She's become such a love, such a sweet baby. We've seen a personality develop in just one week. We've had some close calls, a few fear-filled mornings and cried more than a few tears but seeing improvement - even just a little - makes it all worth it. Someday, Zoe will get adopted by a wonderful family, I'm sure. She will bring so much happiness and joy to their lives. Until then, we'll enjoy the quality time we have with her and the little milestones of each new day.

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Anonymous said...

Nawww.. She is sooo Cute! I totally don't get the whole not wanting to eat thing either.. is she crazy!?