Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mischief

Today's Monday Mischief Blog is about pets but it's us who got into the mischief this week!

We have a problem. The problem is we hear of an animal in need and if it has a "special need", we want it even more. Our daughter is the guiltiest of all! So, this weekend we heard about a kitten who was most likely not going to be adopted. His whole litter was snatched up very quickly and there he remained....alone. Not for long!

Meet Victor, the newest addition to our family!

Victor is deaf but we know animals don't hear with their ears, they hear with their hearts. Our daughter named him after the veterinarian who saved our dog Chloe's life. Victor the Kitty has turned out to be the most loving, playful and confident kitten we've ever known. He has to be confident to live among all of the dogs we foster!

To add to the mischief we got into, there was a 10 week old German Sheperd Puppy who needed a foster home. That phrase "special needs" came up again. Rosie has a leg deformity. A breeder turned her into a rescue because of this deformity. Well, she doesn't know she has it and she is a normal, happy puppy. Actually, she is extremely loving and wants to be by her human's side at every moment!

Meet Rosie, our newest foster!

And of course, we still have our pint size puppy foster, Zoe! I guess we just like getting into mischief! What mischief have you gotten into today? Leave a comment and let me know....I love to hear from you!

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jen said...

Now that is the best type of mischief that you can get into!
How wonderful:)))

Thank you for joining the hop today! Your extended family is precious!


Kathy said...

Am so loving the up-dates of what you guys are up to! How did people know that Victor is deaf?

Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs said...

Love this statement of yours "animals don't hear with their ears, they hear with their hearts." and I agree to this. All you or we need to do guys, is to love our pets and care them will all of our hearts.