Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seasons Change

It was late summer when Italia came into our lives. The season has changed. The warm Summer air is now a crisp, cool breeze. We are putting away our flip flops, summer clothes and lemonade and replacing them with warm boots, sweaters and lattes.

Not only has the season changed, but we have changed. In the early Summer, we were big dog people. But in the early Summer, we didn't know Italia.

And we didn't know the puppies! My how they have changed! When I approach their pen in the morning or even if I walk by during the day, they all rush to the edge hoping to be picked up and played with.

At just over 5 weeks, they each have a unique personality and I honestly can't decide which personality is the best. Maybe you can decide...

Columbo, the first born, the one I thought was so attached to his Mama. Well, Columbo is proving to be a spunky and loving little guy! He is the quickest of the litter, jumping and hopping across the pen in lightening speed. He is playful and can wrap any one of us around his little paw with a mere glimpse!

Roma, our second born and smallest female is a playful little thing and a love! She was the first to play with toys and the first to walk. She adores her foster dad, Dino and we find her at the edge of her pen trying to touch him through it. When he is in there with the puppies, she likes to snuggle up to him...a very touching sight.

Verona, our third born is a big girl (for a small breed) with a big heart. Just look at those eyes! She is so expressive. She is the first one to greet me whenever I go near the pen and the first to fall asleep on me when we relax together at night. She's an easy going girl.

Pisa, our fourth born. She has a face that can stop traffic and a personality to go with it! She is a spitfire, a brave yet sweet little girl who will settle into your lap after licking your face because she has to let you know she loves you sooooo much! Pisa loves playing with her big brother, Columbo. He has gone through several green ribbons because of her! She is playful, smart and happy.

Pasquale, the last born, the smallest and the baby! Oh, Pasquale! He turned out to be the Mama's boy and wants to be close to Italia. If she isn't nearby, then I will do.There is nothing more that he wants from life than to be close to you.  He doesn't cry, none of them do, you could just tell he is more content being close to someone. He has this "worried" look all the time like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders! But he isn't worried at all, he's just always thinking. He is a gentle baby. Definitely the baby of the bunch!

It has been a pleasure watching these little nuggets take their first breath, their first steps, hear their first squeals (which startled even them!) and be their first caregivers. Seeing them become less dependent on their mom and trusting us as humans has been an honor. It is one of the great joys of fostering.

We've come a long way since our "pre-Italia" days. Our lazy Summer days have been replaced with Fall puppy squeals, grunts and tumbles. Our dining room is now a puppy play pen. Our Italia is happy. We have 5 beautiful puppies who we get to watch grow and develop.

Our hearts are fuller. 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

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