Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Kibble Hangover

The puppies are three weeks old today! We woke up today and it was like any other weekend day. Let the dogs out, laze in bed a bit, feed the dogs, get my coffee and check my emails. As you know, the puppies are in our home office so as I am checking my emails or doing whatever, I gaze over to check on them. Well, this morning turned out to not be like any other weekend morning at all. I noticed something very different coming from the puppy pen....

The puppies were eating Italia's food! What? How can this be? They don't even have teeth yet! Well, I guess that didn't really matter to them because they chowed down on that food like it was going out of style! They were stepping over each other to get the food. One of them (I think it was Columbo) was collapsed, face first, in the food bowl with his front legs hanging over the sides! Wish I'd caught that on film!

They made a huge mess with kibble strewn all over their pen but it was like they'd eaten Wheaties or spinach....afterwards, they were walking better, they were sitting up, doing tricks. Well, not tricks. but you get what I mean! They were stronger and wanted to show off!

All of this happened overnight. Yesterday, they couldn't care less about Mama's food and today, Mama had to step back so they could eat. She was just as puzzled as we were.

"Uh, ahem, if it's not too much trouble, can I get some food, too?" 

We thought since they were so energetic, we'd take this opportunity to take some pictures, head shots if you will. So, here is the crew at exactly 3 weeks old.






When dinnertime came around, I got a bit smarter. I made a big bowl of food just for the puppies. Italia had her normal food, but outside the pen so she would actually be able to eat it without 5 little puppies in it. And the puppies, they had softened kibble. I placed the plate down in their pen and after a few seconds, the squeals ~ which startled even the puppies themselves ~ started. They waddled, toddled and pushed their way over to the food and gobbled it up. 

A little neater this time. But this time, the food had the "after a big Thanksgiving meal" effect. The puppies tummies were full, they were content so they waddled over to their bed and had a kibble hangover.

Sweet dreams little ones!


Anonymous said...

You never fail to make a hit with your witty & hilarious blogs! Good thing you have pictures to back up your blog! LOL. They are so young to be eating on their own. What an awesome doggie family you have! Thank you for finding time & taking time to include us with the magic of puppies!

Anonymous said...

The photos are soooo good! Such cutie pies!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love it, as usual!!!! I'm having so much fun following this blog - and you know that you can have your blog made into a photo album to enjoy for generations :)
~ Jen