Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2012 Models are Here!

Happy New Year, everyone! 

We're rolling out the 2012 puppy models!

Well, at least our 2012 Foster Puppy Models!

Please meet:




We at 

The Wag Tales 

wish you 

a very 

Happy New Year!


Susansacre said...

Tank is total opposite & yet exactly the same as Dino, huh?
So darn cute. Macy, Mandy and Max are awesome pb shepherds! Happy 2012!!

Kathy said...

Why is it that puppies never stop being cute? How old are they now?

The Wag Tales said...

They just keep getting cuter, Kathy! They are 6 weeks sweet loves!
I am "baby sitting" the little white dog with the New Year's hat on. I adopted him out to a great couple over the summer. He's a sweet heart!